Importance of a DGSA

When moving dangerous goods is vitally important to have a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor on-hand.

Lorry containing hazardous chemicals

Serious Risks

Working with hazardous materials can pose serious risks. For this reason, it is subject to thorough and comprehensive regulations. These regulations are notoriously challenging to navigate and difficult to understand. This is why we have our own in house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor to ensure everyones’ safety and full compliance with your consignments.

Mandatory DGSAs

Having DGSA support is now a mandatory requirement for all in the supply chain, from manufacturer / wholesaler to consignor and consignee as well as any other parties in between. Not having a DGSA whilst being involved with dangerous goods is an offence, a breach that is regarded as serious. In 2020 HSE’s conviction rate for dangerous goods offences was 94%. Prosecutions led to fines of £16.7 million with an average penalty of £19,000 per offence.

Lorry containing hazardous chemicals with chemical warning signs
A uk same day courier scanning package

Appropriately trained

If you work with dangerous goods you must receive appropriate training. ADR explains the requirements in Chapter 1.3, with either ADR General Awareness or Function Specific training being the minimum requirement, moving up to ADR licences for either Packages or Tanker vehicles. It’s not only our drivers who are trained in ADR though – everyone in our business receives high-quality training that is relevant to their roles with dangerous goods.

PPE and emergency kit

ADR Chapter 8.1 requires ADR vehicles to carry specific PPE and kit items during the carriage of dangerous goods. Our vehicles are routinely inspected ensuring compliance with these requirements. The full kit includes wheel chocks, self-standing signs (cones/triangles), eye rinse liquid, high visibility clothing, torch (ATEK standard), gloves suitable for products, goggles/eye protection, respirator (ABEK standard), shovel, drain seal, collecting container, appropriate fire extinguishers, orange plates as well as additional vehicle placards for some consignment types.

UK ADR courier delivery

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Our Courier Fleet

Our fleet ranges from small vans through to large 4m vehicles plus we also have access to vehicles from 7.5T through to articulated vehicles.  Need a tail lift or two-man delivery? Give us a call to discuss your requirements 0116 216 0495.

small same day courier van
Max load weight 400kg
Full size pallets 1
Rear door height 1.1m
Rear door width 1.2m
Load floor length 1.6m (1.4m)
Width between wheel arches 1.15m
medium same day courier van
Max load weight 900kg
Full size pallets 2-3
Rear door height 1.3m
Rear door width 1.4m
Load floor length 2.7m (2.6m)
Width between wheel arches 1.20m
large same day courier van
Max load weight 1100kg
Full size pallets 3-4
Rear door height 1.75m
Rear door width 1.5m
Load floor length 4.1m (3.7m)
Width between wheel arches 1.25m